Catholic School's Week Highlights


We Are BSH

BSH is more than just a campus and more than just a school.  It isn’t defined by an address or a mission statement, but is defined by the faces, voices, and stories of those who makeup this one-of-a-kind family.  People who experience this place (even in the smallest way) find themselves permanently entwined in the “BSH Family.” 


This family spans many generations and its members cover a multitude of roles: Students, Administrators, Faculty, Staff, Alumni, Athletes, Parents, Volunteers, Brothers, Sisters, Grandparents, Neighbors, & Friends.  We are so thankful for each member of the BSH family and hope that you will enjoy reading about some of them throughout Catholic Schools Week 2017. 

God Bless!

Wick Hall

Wick Hall is a 4 year old in the Pre-K program at BSH.  He loves playing cars in Mrs. Parker’s class and enjoys going outside to play on the playground.  He really enjoys going to music class and seeing Ms. Leighty.  Wick has an older brother at BSH, Rocco, and they often play Skylanders and Imaginators together.  Like most kids his age, he really likes playing on his Mom’s cell phone and his favorite food is sandwiches.  While Wick has 2 goats at home, his dream is to become a big orange bear when he grows up.  Way to go Wick!

Makayla Gregory

Makayla Gregory is a 5th grader in Mr. Tucker’s class.  She has attended BSH since preschool and loves the lasting friendships that she has made.  She enjoys being with the same group of friends year after year and says that they have the most fun in PE class.  Makayla is a very active girl who aspires to be a professional soccer player when she grows up.  She also enjoys playing with her dog Jay, martial arts, backyard football with her Dad, and riding her new hoverboard.  As a Safety Patrol officer, Makayla is often the first face that families see in the morning.  She helps younger Knights during morning carpool time and again at lunch with opening those difficult packages.  We are proud of you Makayla!

Kenny Hickey

Kenny Hickey is a 7th grader and has attended BSH since Preschool.  He has three other siblings at BSH and what he loves most about the school is that everyone is so nice.  Math is his favorite subject and he hopes to be an Engineer when he gets older.  Kenny is involved in Athletics at BSH as a soccer and basketball player.  His favorite sports teams include the New York Giants, New York Rangers, and VCU Rams.  Kenny enjoys the beach, playing outside with his 22 chickens & 4 ducks, and has a passion for collecting sneakers!  Keep it up Kenny!

Katie Davoud

Katie Davoud is a Junior at BSH and has attended the school since Freshman year.  Her favorite memory thus far was when the Freshman and Sophomore girls beat the Junior and Senior girls during the Powderpuff Game. Katie lives in Midlothian with her parents and two brothers.  Her older brother attended BSH as did her two cousins.  Katie is part of the Cheerleading and Swim team at BSH.  When she isn’t in school, Katie enjoys hanging out with friends and family and shopping at Short pump.  Katie aspires to attend Longwood University and become a Special Education teacher at the Middle School level.  We believe in you Katie! 

Kathryn Dickerson

Mrs. Kathryn Dickerson received her Bachelors & Masters at VCU and has been teaching at BSH for the past 10 years.  She teaches English 6, English 7, World Geography 7, Intro to Theater 11, and Intro to Theater 12.  She also serves as the Drama Director and oversees the Middle School Model UN.  Mrs. Dickerson has two sons, Zack and Reilly, who have attended BSH since Pre-K.  She feels very blessed to be able to teach at the same school that her children attend and loves the family atmosphere that BSH provides.  While most of her theater kids also share a passion for Athletics, Mrs. Dickerson enjoys traveling and experiencing different cultures through various events in the area.  Keep inspiring others Mrs. Dickerson!

Grayson Lovern

Mr. Grayson Lovern is both a teacher and Soccer Coach at BSH who lives in Midlothian with his 2 dogs, Walter & Georgia.  Mr. Lovern was recently engaged and a June 2018 wedding has been set.  When he isn’t at school, Mr. Lovern enjoys cooking, playing with his 4 month old nephew, and watching sports.  As an alumnus of the University of Georgia, he follows the Georgia Bulldogs, Atlanta Falcons, and the Tottenham soccer team.  At BSH, Mr. Lovern teaches 9th Grade European History, 11th Grade AP US History, 11th Grade SAT Prep, and 12th Grade AP Government.  The small class size at BSH allows him to individualize his instruction and connect with students on a one-on-one basis.  It also provides him the opportunity to cover multiple subject areas, a benefit for him as well as the students.  Out of the classroom, Mr. Lovern coaches the Varsity co-ed soccer team.  This is his 3rd year coaching the BSH soccer team and he hopes to bring home the VCC Championship again this year.  Thank you Mr. Lovern for your commitment in the classroom and on the field!   

Kim Roberts

Mrs. Kim Roberts has been a part of the BSH family for the past 9 years.  She is the Mighty Knights Coordinator as well as the teacher of the 2 year old class.  Mrs. Roberts lives in Powhatan with her husband Landon, son Landon III, daughter Mary Kate, and 4 dogs.  She enjoys going to the lake, watching movies, and hanging out with her family.  Mrs. Roberts has a passion for kids and really enjoys getting to know the families at BSH.  She feels that this school unlike any other brings together family, faith, and education which are all essential to a child’s success.  Over the years, she has enjoyed being able to watch our youngest Knights blossom into more mature students which to her is “very cool!”  You’re super cool too Mrs. Roberts!

Patty Bowman

Mrs. Patty Bowman has been teaching 3rd grade at BSH for 17 years!  She is a graduate of THE Ohio State University and loves to watch Buckeyes football.  She and her husband Garry live in Midlothian and are blessed with 2 daughters and 2 grandsons.  When Mrs. Bowman isn’t at school, she enjoys reading, going out to dinner, and spending time with family.  There is nothing that Mrs. Bowman loves more than to be able to watch her students grow at BSH.  The fact that she is able to teach a group of students in the 3rd grade and then later on be a part of their graduation, gives her much joy.  While Mrs. Bowman has been at BSH quite some time, don’t worry, she says she wouldn’t dream of being anywhere else.  “Being at a place where you can really spend the time to recognize the special talents of each individual child, connect with families on a personal level, and grow together in Christ, is absolutely wonderful.” We think you are wonderful too Mrs. Bowman!

Nancy Schiefer

Mrs. Nancy Schiefer and her husband Matt, have been a part of the BSH Family for the last 15 years.  They have lived in Powhatan for the past 23 years and have two children – Matthew and Katie.  Matthew graduated from BSH in 2016 and is currently a freshman at Virginia Tech.  Katie is a current 9th grade student at BSH and is involved with several sports teams and clubs around campus.  Nancy has a love of sports (all BSH sports) and a passion for photography.  She served as the President of uKnighted in 2012 and is a big advocate for BSH.  When asked what she loves most about BSH, her response was, “Everything!  I get goosebumps when I think about it.  It’s the academics, sports, and campus atmosphere that are second to none.  I love the fact that my kids can walk around campus and know everyone.  I love the fact that BSH gives our kids the opportunity to express themselves, their beliefs, and strive to be whatever their hearts desire.  I love that our teachers challenge our kids to think outside the box and I truly believe that BSH gets better and better every year.”  It is because of parents like you Mrs. Schiefer, who make this school better and better every year!

Tony Greenhow

Mr. Tony Greenhow wears many hats at BSH.  As the Chair of the Facilities Committee, Member of the Advisory Board, Designated BBQ Man, and Father to 3 current BSH Students, BSH could be considered Tony’s 2nd home.  He and his wife, Mrs. Greenhow – BSH School Nurse, have been a part of the BSH Family for the past 10 years.  Athletics is a big part of the Greenhow family.  Twins Anthony (8th) and Aliah (8th) are currently involved in basketball and swimming while Courtney (5th) is on the Prep Girls Basketball Team.  In 2009, Tony’s son Marquis was on the State Championship Football Team at BSH.  The team autographed game football can still be found on display at Tony’s business, TDU Concrete.   Tony has 2 other boys, Maurice and Christopher.  Christopher is a runner who is currently training for the 2020 Summer Olympics.  In the slight chance that Tony isn’t at BSH or watching his children (or the Dallas Cowboys) compete, he and his family enjoy boating.  Tony loves the family atmosphere that BSH provides and it is because of the passion and commitment of parents like him that makes our school what it is!  Thank you Tony!

Erin Long

Mrs. Erin Long has been a BSH Family Member since her son, Owen (8th), was in Kindergarten.  Erin, her husband Michael, and son Owen, live in Goochland along with their many dogs, cats, and fish.  When Erin isn’t volunteering in the BSH library, she can be found outdoors.  She enjoys cross fit training, skiing, fishing, and riding ATVs.  As a Cape Cod native, she loves to root on the Patriots, Red Sox, and Bruins.  She also loves being a Knight and is most impressed by the devotion and communication of the teachers at BSH.  “This school provides an aggressive curriculum, small class sizes, one-on-one attention, and a family feel that we couldn’t get anywhere else.”  The past 9 years have been great Mrs. Long and we look forward to several more! 

Lisa Hall

Mrs. Lisa Hall lives in Gum Spring with her husband Chad, their 2 sons, and their dog Henri.  She has been a part of the BSH family for the past 5 years.  Her two sons, Wick (Pre-K) and Rocco (3rd), have attended BSH since preschool.  She and her family enjoy being outdoors as much as possible and their current pastime is winter skiing.  Lisa enjoys the time that she is able to hang out with her girlfriends and loves having date days with each son.  What Lisa loves most about BSH is the environment that is created within the classroom.  “The family atmosphere that these teachers create is simply amazing.  As a working mother, you worry about being away from you children.  At BSH, you don’t have to worry.  The teachers treat my kids as their own and my children have someone who cares about them as much as I do.  That means more than anything in the world.”  We are honored to have your children at our school Mrs. Hall and thank you for your support!

Ruth Frazier

Dr. Ruth Frazier is a Huguenot Academy graduate – Class of 1983.  Her favorite memory as an HA student was a field trip with Mr. Dean’s Biology II class.  It was a weekend trip across 5 locations in Southern VA.  They collected data at each stop (trees, soil, etc.)  After HA, Dr. Frazier got her BS from Virginia Tech and attended MCV for part of graduate school  before finishing her Doctorate at Rutgers University.  She worked as a Chemist for three years but once she had children, she changed her mind about the 12 hour days.  She never planned on teaching but started substitute teaching at BSH in 1999.  It was in 2000 that Dr. Frazier became a full time teacher and has been at BSH ever since. Her current course schedule includes: Chemistry, AP Chemistry, Environmental Science, AP Environmental Science, and Physics.  She was the Cross Country Coach for 8 years, Head Advisor of the Father/Daughter Dance  and Prom, and Coordinator of the Science Club.  She hopes to create a Science Club for Middle School next year.  She and her husband James had 2 children, Graham and Clara.  Graham attended BSH from the time he was in Kindergarten and graduated in 2013.  He is now a student at the University of Virginia.  Clara was also a K-12 student at BSH and graduated in 2015.  She is now a student at Virginia Tech.  Dr. Frazier loves living in Powhatan since she is from here.  She and James live on a small farm with loads of animals.  They love to be outside and Dr. Frazier is enjoying gardening in her new greenhouse.  Dr. Frazier’s favorite part of teaching at BSH is that “it gives me Faith in the future – our students are going to make a difference and it’s an honor to be a part of that.”  Teaching may not have been your plan Dr. Frazier but we are surely glad that God had other ideas in mind!

Royce Ransone

Mr. Royce Ransone graduated from Huguenot Academy in 1989.  Royce attended HA from Kindergarten through 12th grade and has lived in Powhatan his entire life.  Many of the memories that Royce has from HA involve Athletics.  He was a football and basketball player and remembers the bon fires they would build during homecoming week.  “Homecoming Week was big at HA, we would dress up a stuffed replica of our opponent and put it on top of the bon fire.”  Maybe it was the overnight canoe trips with his Biology class that inspired Royce to attend Longwood University to obtain his Bachelor of Science in Biology.  Currently, Royce is the part owner and Vice President of Sales of local business, RC Goodwyn & Sons.  Royce and his wife Jill have a daughter, Anna, who attended BSH from Kindergarten through 12th grade.  Anna graduated from BSH last year and is now a Freshman at the University of Virginia.  In his spare time, Royce enjoys going to the horse races, fishing, watching UVA football and basketball, and traveling to the beach.  When asked to describe this school in one word Royce’s answer was, Opportunities.  “There are so many opportunities to get involved at this school.  Whether it is through athletics, clubs, or organizations, the possibilities are endless.  When you send your kids to BSH, it’s an investment but it really does pay off.  They leave much more confident, have a great foundation in Faith, and can go to any college they want.”  Thank you for being an advocate of our school Royce!  We do it for families like yours.

Tracy Smith

Mrs. Tracy Smith is an alumnus of Huguenot Academy – Class of 1988.  Tracy attended HA from Kindergarten through 12th grade.  While attending HA, she played softball and soccer.  Tracy still remembers the snack shop that was ran by Mattie Clayton.  They didn’t have a cafeteria at the time and would go and purchase lunch from the snack shop which was located in a small building where the Yearbook , Athletic, and Music Rooms now stand.  You could purchase hamburgers, fries, other goodies or the special of the day.  She also remembers the huge Homecoming festivities and traveling by bus to Daytona, FL for the Senior trip.  She was taught by Ms. Myrick and Mr. Pleasants and enjoys seeing them on campus today.  Of all the memories and experiences, it was the friendships that she built at HA that meant the most.  The same friends that she made in K-12 are still her friends today. Since HA, Tracy was a Social Worker for 13 years before taking a part time position for a CPA.  Tracy still lives in Powhatan with her husband Rick (Huguenot Academy – Class of 1987), their 2 children, and 5 dogs.  Rick and Tracy’s children, Coleman (12th grade) and Emily (8th grade), have attended BSH since Preschool and keep their parents busy with their involvement in sports.  They enjoy traveling and spending time with family and friends whenever possible.  We are so glad that this school was able to reach each one of you and your family members in such a personal way!  

Mrs. Connelly

Mrs. Connelly has provided instructional support for our 1st and 2nd grade for the past 18 years.  She began assisting the school during the merger of Belmead and Huguenot Academy.  She believes that the mixture of different faiths and backgrounds, small class size, and family feel makes BSH a very unique place.  “I struggled with reading as a child and have a passion to ensure that our students don’t simply read the words on the page but understand what it is they are reading.  I absolutely love that I am able to see them grow up and follow them throughout their school years.”  Mrs. Connelly currently lives in Midlothian, has 4 children, and 9 grandchildren.  She enjoys traveling to see her grandchildren as well as cooking. Thank you Mrs. Connelly for your steady presence at BSH!  Our kids are lucky to have you!

Barbara Rogers

Mrs. Barbara Rogers assists at BSH in many ways but you will most often find her substitute teaching or in the library.  She has been a part of the BSH family for the past 13 years.  She loves the family atmosphere that this school provides and how helpful the kids are when she is in the classroom.  “I get so much joy from seeing these children blossom and the happiness on their faces when they find that perfect book.”  Barbara lives in Powhatan with her husband Russell and 2 dogs.  Their children, Kristina and Curtis, previously attended BSH.  Kristina is a BSH Class of 2013 Graduate and is graduating from Longwood this year.  When she is helping out at BSH, Barbara enjoys reading, knitting, crafting, and walking.  We are so grateful for your devotion to our school and students Mrs. Rogers!  

Wendy Norwood

Mrs. Wendy Norwood has been volunteering at BSH for 7 years and running the BSH Bookstore for the last two.  She is also a member of UKnighted and helps with various events around campus like the bookfair.  She really enjoys picking out and ordering new things and providing many options for our BSH families.  “The Administration at BSH has been so supportive by allowing the students to wear their BSH gear as outerwear.  I love that I am able to meet so many families through the Bookstore and once we all put on our spirit wear, we are united as one family!”  Wendy and her husband Steve (Huguenot Academy – Class of 1988), live on a farm in Powhatan with their daughter Elizabeth.  Elizabeth has attended BSH since Pre-K and is now a 5th grader in Mr. Tucker’s class.  There are many animals on their farm: cows, goats, chickens and turkeys.  They are working towards eventually selling all natural foods from their farm.  When she isn’t at BSH, Wendy enjoys cooking and vacationing warm places.  It warms our heart to see you on campus Mrs. Norwood and we thank you for all of your help!

Jim Dufficy

Mr. Jim Dufficy has dedicated over 15 years of service to BSH.  He assists with all sorts of projects around campus: facilities, classrooms, gymnasiums, painting, and improvements.  He also helps Steve Helmuth (another dedicated volunteer at BSH) with electrical projects that he is working on.  If there is a project needing completion, Jim will see to it that it is organized and stocked with all of the necessary materials.  He speaks highly of the parents who provide the labor portion of those jobs as well as the Administration for being so easy to work with.  It was Jim’s grandchildren that led him to volunteering at BSH.  Since Pre-K, Jim’s 6 grandchildren have attended Blessed Sacrament Huguenot; Justin Cary (Hampton Sydney), Ann Marie Kemp (East Carolina University), Jack Goodwyn (James Madison University), and Ryan Cary (Virginia Tech) are all Alumni of BSH.  Abbey Goodwyn (Senior) and Michael Kemp (Sophomore) are still attending BSH.  Jim’s daughters, Kate, Trisha, and Erin also serve at BSH by changing the information on the school’s marquee.  When he isn’t volunteering, Jim enjoys spending time with his wife Pauline, being active with his church, and spending time with his family.  “I volunteer for the kids - these are good kids here at BSH.”  It is an honor to have you, your wife, your children, and all of your grandchildren as members of the BSH Family!  We could never thank you enough!

Bill Pleasants

Mr. Bill Pleasants has been at BSH for 54 years!  He has worn many hats during that time including: Upper School History Teacher, Upper School Government Teacher, Third Grade Social Studies Teacher, Senior Sponsor, Senior Trip Advisor, and a Substitute Teacher.  While his time as a Third Grade Social Studies teacher only lasted one year, his time as the Senior Trip Advisor lasted much longer.  For 33 years, Mr. Pleasants took students to Florida as well as on three cruises.  In 2011, Mr. Pleasants retired as a full time teacher but was and still is on campus several days a week as a substitute teacher.  He is also still very involved with the Graduation ceremonies at BSH.  Mr. Pleasants can still remember his first year of teaching and why it is he stayed at BSH for so many years, “During my first year of teaching, I realized there was more to education than what comes out of a textbook.  The most important aspect of my job was to connect with my students and support them in any way possible.  I have developed many lasting friendships throughout my years at BSH and will cherish them always.”  Mr. Pleasants has had an exceptional career at this school but much more important is the personal impact that he has had on generations of students.  From everyone at HA & BSH, thank you Mr. P for always being there!

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