Knights’ Bookstore Procedures


Location: Middle cottage across from Alumni house



Hours: Thursdays 2-3pm

Volunteer Contact: Wendy Norwood 763-9406 or

                                   Suzanne Cline (uKnighted President)


School Contacts: Sue Hickey (Development)

                               Jillayne Merritt (Finance)

                               Janet Trivett (Main Office)

                               Cat Ringling (Communications – Alumni House)

Onsite Instructions

Report to main office and sign-in computer as a volunteer. Check bookstore pickup/drop off bin in main office for any used uniforms. Bring those with you to the bookstore for sorting.

Second, see Jillayne Merritt (office located 1st door to the right of the Parker gym entrance) for bookstore cash box containing the bookstore key. If Jillayne is not in office, check Paula’s office for assistance. If they are both out see Janet Trivett in main office for key. You can open store, but you will not have cash for change until Jillayne is available.

Third, once you open store, hang up all used uniforms collected in office.

Fourth, all sales should be recorded in the bookstore inventory sheet located on the shelf to the left when you enter store, except for the small items (stickers, key chains, etc...). *See general information on page 2 for more information on checks, credit cards, etc..

At closing make sure sales are recorded and clipboard is placed on counter. Place key and all earnings in cash box and return to Jillayne’s office (leave on desk if she is not there).


*General information:

  • Checks should be made payable to BSH AND ‘bookstore’ recorded in the memo.

  • Credit card payments must be done by Jillayne in her office. Customer will need to take total amount of their order to Jillayne along with credit card and return the sales receipt to you to put in cash box.

  • All used uniforms are $5, except for blazers which are $20 with patch.

  • All new items should have price tag and a price listing is taped on the counter.


Email Instructions

The bookstore has a Google Gmail account ( which is checked by the bookstore lead (Wendy Norwood) and administered by Communications Coordinator at school (Cat Ringling). The account receives emails from parents, students, etc. with questions and/or orders. An automated email is sent to this account anytime someone makes a purchase on the Knight’s online store (

Online Instructions

The bookstore webpage has a link on the BSH home page and BSH Parents menu. Due to webpage limitations we only have our newest and best selling items on the page.


Customers purchase their items and an email confirmation is sent to the bookstore email. The confirmation will tell you the status of payment, items ordered, and customer’s email. You will find the customer’s email address in the confirmation that you can click on to reply to their purchase.  In your reply, thank them for their purchase and schedule a pickup of their merchandise. Typically, the merchandise is placed in the bookstore bin in the main office marked with their name where either the student or parent can pick up. However, if the child is in lower school we can give merchandise to the child’s teacher, which they will give to the parent. To finalize order make sure the status is ‘Paid’ (this status will appear if they paid through Paypal). If not, reply to customer about making payment. Remind them checks are to be made payable to ‘BSH’ and ‘bookstore’ written in the memo. They can give the check to Janet in Main Office when they pick up their merchandise. I typically check in with Janet later in the week to ensure payment was received. Lastly, copy the Communications Director (Cat Ringling) on your reply to the customer’s order so they are aware of when to close the ticket.


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